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Georgia’s Music Heritage
“Tennessee has Nashville and Louisiana has New Orleans, but Georgia’s musical heritage is so woven into the fabric of the state and its history that it can be hard to separate one from the other. Georgia’s music history reaches back before the Civil War, when the churches of Savannah rang out with music from slaves […] Read more »

Local Shopping Defines These Five Cities
“Locals often tout their downtown shopping areas; but how many really evoke a sense of place and give your group the opportunity to buy one-of-a-kind items? We’ve scouted out five locations across the country where you can give your group a shopping experience they won’t soon forget. Immerse yourself in the goods of 400 local […] Read more »

Talk of the Town: Hotels Fashioned From Historic Venues
“Location, location, location. It’s a common theme among planners, but there is only so much space in highly desirable downtown areas of captivating, easy-to-reach cities. Hoteliers have taken a new tack to address this shortcoming, converting previously commercial spaces and historic buildings into funky hotels with a backstory and unique pre-built décor, and with all […] Read more »

The Pacific Coast Highway: A Driver’s Dream
“Where today, Route 66 commemorates a once-important voyaging route rendered obsolete by modern technology, the Pacific Coast Highway, known to locals as the PCH, is a triumph of modern roadwork, built in bits and pieces over decades. Explosives left over from the world wars, prisoners from high-security penitentiary San Quentin and engineers looking for a […] Read more »

A New Take On New York
“New York City is a notoriously difficult nut to crack. It’s easy to visit it and get swept up in its energy, but how do you get under the surface? See New York like a New Yorker? Have a truly exclusive New York experience? Although a wealth of tours offer ways to see the various […] Read more »

Asia-Pacific: A World of Opportunities
“Over the last several decades, prime locations for meetings and incentives have naturally shifted as old favorites skyrocket in price, new destinations smooth their rough edges and open luxury resorts, and new markets beckon with huge client opportunities. While Europe has become a less frequent incentive destination due to ever-rising airfares, and a meeting destination […] Read more »

Summer Palios Around Italy: Your Month by Month Guide
“Parading figures outfitted in caps with half-metre tall plums and padded doublets with canary yellow and garnet red stripes twirl and throw flags bearing medieval neighbourhood standards with an elegant flourish. Their companions, marching along in a jaunty though slightly disorganised formation, toot regal tunes on their trumpets as if announcing the arrival of a […] Read more »

Florence: Summer and the City
“Despite the fact that it’s muggy, searingly hot, and more crowded than a sports bar during the Euro Cup finals, summer is the most popular time of year to visit Florence. If you want to really enjoy the city in the high season, however, you should do as the locals do. Stay inside during the […] Read more »

Day Tripper: Siena
“Before the Renaissance and the Medicis, Florence was not the undisputed cultural and economic capital of Tuscany. Siena flourished from the late 13th to the mid-14th centuries, constructing striking Gothic buildings that are still copied today, nurturing the Sienese school of painting that produced famed Gothic artists like Duccio, and endeavouring to build one of […] Read more »