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Hire Me

Ready to bring your audience a new level of targeted content?…. Want more information on my rates and available services?…. Need to see some clips specific to your industry before you make a decision?


Email me at gabi [at] gabilogan [dot] com or call 617 230 2305 and I’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours.


On the fence? Let my past editors help you with your decision.

 – Excellent. This is brilliantly thorough, engaging, authoritative and informative. The work that went into the structure alone is impressive. You really roped in an enormous topic and made it work. Very, very well done.

 – Great job. This is very helpful and informative and thorough. Well done. The piece definitely reflects your expertise and firsthand knowledge. Nice work.

 – Your style definitely adds to a colorful, informative and interesting piece. Well done. It’s well written and very compelling.

 – This is marvelous, with luscious descriptions, authoritative information and appetizing background. Great job.