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Are Miles Rewards Cards the Best Way to Fly for Free Today?
“One of the big disappointments with airline programs these days is that it seems almost impossible to be loyal enough to earn a reward ticket by flying without the benefit of some serious business travel. But it doesn’t mean you should write off traveling using points and miles. Let’s look at a few typical travel […] Read more »

How to Get Elite Status Without Flying Thousands and Thousands of Miles
“Imagine checking your bag for free at a premium check-in desk with no wait and waltzing past the masses to go through security. Then settling into the lounge for a free meal before skipping the line to board your flight, where you get automatically upgraded to business class. All thanks to your elite status. This […] Read more »

Can You Hack Travel Hacking? How to Know If It’s For You
“Chris Guillebeau, who made it his mission to visit every country in the world before his 35th birthday, travels the world almost exclusively by travel hacking. In addition to amassing points by opening dozens of credit cards, he also hacks his flights, often redeeming points for multiple round-the-world tickets at once and overlapping them to […] Read more »

Ethiopia Poised to Become Next Hot African Ecotourism Destination
“When you think of tourism in Africa, Egypt and South Africa are usually the first destinations that come to mind. If you check what ecotourism opportunities are available, it’s not hard to find vacations in the ecolodge- and wildlife refuge-laden countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia, or even Botswana and Uganda. So why did the […] Read more »

7 Ways AirBnB Helps you Dive into Local Communities
“As much as couchsurfing is a boon to young, independent travelers (hello free roof over your head!), sometimes you need more autonomy and control in your accommodations. For the same price as a bunk bed at a hostel, you can score a pleasantly furnished room in a local apartment through AirBnB.com or other similar sites […] Read more »

Osaka Series for TripAdvisor
Osaka off the Beaten Path “Osaka itself is a bit off the beaten path for travelers, generally skipped over in favor of nearby Kyoto, so it’s easy to find unique attractions, from a museum dedicated to instant noodles to a building transformed into a vertical garden.” Read the full article here. Read more »

Tokyo Series for TripAdvisor
Tokyo for Young Kids “With the anime center and Miyazaki museum to excite their eyes, the Taiko drum museum and children’s castle to keep their hands busy, and Tokyo Disneyland and Toyota’s Megaweb to take them on a ride, kids will never run out of amusements in Tokyo.” Read the full article here.   Tokyo […] Read more »

What to Know Before You WWOOF
“For travelers with itchy feet and empty pockets, WWOOFing sounds like the perfect opportunity. You can stay for free (with food included) amid such picturesque rural locations as olive orchards in Italy on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, rolling hills covered with lavender in the south of France, and blossoming cherry orchards in Japan. “Sign me […] Read more »

WWOOFING 101: Your Guide to Working on Organic Farms
“Officially, WWOOF stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms,” but among travelers and hosts, the older name “Willing Workers on Organic Farms” persists, emphasizing the very human component of the organization. Volunteers work for free (sort of) for organic farms all around in the world, from Turkey to Taiwan to Tonga.” Read the full […] Read more »