Welcome to the Build Your Best Freelance Business blog, where freelancing meets basic business know-how to make awesome, successful babies!

I’m a freelance travel writer myself, but I’ve freelanced in several capacities (haven’t we all?) and use case studies from all over the “gig economy” here.

In this blog, updated once weekly on Wednesday, I combine:

• 10 years of freelancing (5 full-time)

• anecdotes and case studies from over 500 freelance friends bitching about…I mean…workshop their freelance business problems

• advice from 15 guru-packed freelancing conferences a year

• experience ghostwriting 50 blog posts on freelancing

to help freelancers of all stripes (though writers and other online workers especially) do the work they love, for the money they’d love, in the time they want to invest.


Image courtesy of Flickr [Shanna S].