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How Long Does it Take to Get Over Jet Lag?
“Arriving at your destination hungry and exhausted at an odd hour is enough to get any trip off to a bad start, but persistent jet lag can ruin an entire trip. A certain amount of jet lag is unavoidable — your body’s natural eating and waking rhythms have been upset by the shifting day time […] Read more »

How Far in Advance Should One Buy Plane Tickets?
“Buying airplane tickets is like a poker game — there are many players involved and even complex computer algorithms cannot predict with 100 percent accuracy whether who will stay and who will raise. When you should buy plane tickets depends not only on how much you are willing to spend, but also how much risk […] Read more »

When to Buy Tickets for Summer Travel to Europe
“Many people believe that the earlier you book, the better the deal, but with summer air travel, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Summer airfares to Europe from the eastern seaboard are usually $1,000 or more, even if you do find a good deal, and can run up to $2,500 for hard-to-reach destinations and […] Read more »